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2019 Summer Courses in Chinese Literature, Literary Translation and Language


2019 Summer Courses in Chinese Literature, Literary Translation and Language


Are you a foreign student with great interst in Chinese Literature and Culture?

Are you a foreign student with advanced Chinese level and wanna to learn some more?

Welcome to join us in National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)

to enjoy advanced Chinese Literature this Summer!


◎ Date: July 1st to August 9th, 2019

◎ Location: National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu, Taiwan)

◎ Student: International students intersted in Chinese Literature and Culture with Advanced Chinese Level

◎ Course: Three courses, 36 hours in total for six weeks for each course

◎ Fee: Application fee 100 USD (non-refundable) and 1200 USD for each course

    ( 5% off the total Course Fee If you take two or more courses)

◎ Application: Please take the following steps to sign up for the program

1)   Fill in the Online Application Form:

2)   Prepare the following required documents:

- Official academic transcripts

- Study plan in Chinese (motivation is mandatory required and no more than 1000 words)

and send to the following e-mail address:

3)   Transfer the application fee (USD 100), then scan the transfer receipt and send it to the same e-mail address above.

*Check the Transfer Information 

We will confirm with you as soon as receiving the receipt and start processing your application.

◎ Dealine:  Please sign up the online application form before Mar. 15, 2019 and complete rest of the steps before Mar. 24, 2019

◎ Introduction to Course (Please check the Instructions for syllabus):

Sinophone Women Writers 華文女作家選讀

Instructor: 楊佳嫻 Chia-Hsien Yang, 賴佩暄 Pei-Hsuan Lai

In traditional China, it was said, "For a woman to play at literature is truly shameful," and women with literary talent were firmly in the minority. However, with time passes, people have changed from conservative into more opened minds. Accompanied with the improvement of education, woman writers have occupied considerable territory within the literary world. This course will lead students on a reading of the works of modern and contemporary Chinese female authors, with a focus on fiction and poetry. We will not only read the works from Taiwanese writers, but also the works from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Our discussion of their works will be related to romance, family, class, nation, time travel, homosexuality, female self-determination, and other significant issues.

Classical Chinese Narrative 中國古典敘事

Instructors: 劉承慧 Cheng-Hui Liu, 李貞慧 Chen-Hui Lee

Before the rise of the Ming-Qing novel form, Chinese narrative in earlier periods took the form of tales, legends, and chronicles that straddled literary and historical writing, constituting an innovative and influential body of narrative art. This course will introduce students to narrative forms and techniques used in the Zuozhuan, Shiji, and the classical essayistic writing (Guwen). It will provide students with a historical understanding of the development of Chinese narrative and teach them formal strategies of reading.

Introduction to Literary Translation 文學翻譯與翻譯文學

Instructors: 潘少瑜 Shaw-Yu Pan, 羅仕龍Shih-Lung Lo

This course aims to introduce fundamental concepts in translation and enhance students’ sensibility to literary language in the practice of translation. Different genres and translation approaches will be introduced. Through exercises, students are expected to build up basic know-how of English-Chinese/Chinese-English literary translation.

* This course will be conducted in Chinese.

* Class activities include lecture, discussion, in-class exercises, and optional take-home assignments.


◎ Full Guideline: For more information, please refer to the Instructions.

◎ Contact: Ms. Judy Chen

Yuehan Xuetang (月涵學堂) Intensive Courses and Continuing Education

Department of Chinese Literature, National Tsinghua University