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Course Description


Integrating language learning and cultural literacy, the Summer Program in Advanced Chinese is intended for students who already possess basic competency in written vernacular Chinese.

Through an intensive series of courses taught by leading experts in Chinese linguistics, history and literature, the Program is designed to strengthen students’ grasp of classical and modern Chinese as well as provide them with the basic analytical tools needed to conduct independent research.

The instructors for each course have written or compiled original course readers specifically tailored to facilitate the realization of these objectives.

The curriculum includes three categories of courses: Readings in Chinese Culture, Chinese Language at an Advanced Level, and an Individual Research Project.



Course Selection Guidelines


1. Two to three courses must be selected from the Readings in Chinese Culture category.

2. Among the Chinese Language at an Advanced Level courses, “Oral Training” is required, while “Grammar and Writing” is elective.

3. The Research Project is a requirement for all students.

The minimum/maximum contact hours per week are 17 to 23 hours. Students that only select 17 credit hours may choose one additional seminar in Chinese Literature, Literary Translation or Chinese Language.



Pre-test and Post-test


To help maximize each student’s learning experience, an aural-oral pretest will be held on the first day of the program to determine proficiency;

for students selecting courses in Classical Chinese, a literary Chinese punctuation pretest will also be given.

On the last day of the program, a posttest will be administered to assess each student’s progress following their completion of the program.